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Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival

Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival
4776 Fort Dale Rd
Greenville, AL 36037
United States

Pricing/Ticket Info
$10 Adult $5 Children and students Children under 5 free
Suitable for Children

Event Dates and Times

An informative, fun, educational, and family friendly, interactive entertainment experience that is unplugged from today’s high stress rat race. The moment you step through the gates of the Alabama Medieval Fantasy Festival and into the Kingdom of Dragon Croft, the technological, digitally-addicted, 21st Century life as you know it starts to vanish into the cool ,wooded landscape and your transition to the year 817 begins. Although we take a broad sweep of history embracing from Vikings to King Arthur and from Robin Hood through Queen Elizabeth or about 800 - 1600 AD, our event is based in the 800's. This Festival will be held each year.